Numerous injustices and inequities have continuously existed on this earth; nobody can choose one’s own birthplace or has the equal environment to grow and live, forever. If we try to offset the gaps as a total, however, we should be able to establish social fairness, at least since birth. By joining our forces, the world we are facing can be changed before long, and, I believe that even a miracle of “equality of comfortable life” can be realized; which we have never thought of.


Our Vision

The wealth on the planet is said to be distributed to only 1% of the total population of the world, while many others suffer from poverty. Some are prejudiced or discriminated for various reasons, and cannot live in the way they prefer. Our hope is to create a world where everyone recognizes his/her values and lives true to him/herself. To that end, we will change the gaps in society to equality with new ideas by supporting happy work styles, and generating a circulation of comfortable-rich life.


Our Mission

We Focus on Three “E” to achieve our Vision.


Sustainable Equality is to Promote, Equal Employment Opportunity, Income Generation and Human Rights of the Differently Abled, Women, Children, LGBTQ and All Equally without any Discrimination against Gender, Identity, Sex, Race, Nationality, Religion, Caste, Status, Origin, Location, Language, Age, etc.,



Improve Hygiene and Sanitation, Support during Natural Disasters, Availability of Clean and Safe Water, Invest in Regenerative Medicine and Promotion of Organic Products.

※Activities and During Natural Disasters



Improve and Provide Basic Infrastructure, Creation of Effective Education System



※Focus and Contribution to the all Goals of SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goal’s).
What is SDG’s)