Support activities of RINDA foundation JAPAN

Even with the feelings such as ”participating as a volunteer is a bit handful” and ” I cannot afford it because my life is busy and tight” in mind, people still think there is something they can do to help.
There are ways of donation, but it is hard to convey the feelings of sympathy.
Even when people would like to make a move with their own hands to make visible assistance, there is not much support that they can do in a limited time.

At the RINDA foundation, we mainly support the activities that allow people in an ordinary lifestyle to participate in full length.


[Results of Activities]

*Support for woman fostering: Sri Lanka

*Contribution of relief supplies to the afflicted area (MAMA SHUSHU)


Support for human resources in developing countries

RINDA foundation JAPAN will support ACC21 (Asia Community Center 21).
We participate in the activity “Society in Sri Lanka not having violence or unfairness”, supporting the education to train Sri Lankan women as legal assistants together with ACC 21.

Headed by ACC 21 and the UWWO (Uba Wellasse Women’s Organization) residents’ organization with over 30 years of activity experience, We will carry out the project efficiently in cooperation with 18 women’s organizations.

Further, through this activity, among the “sustainable development targets (SDGs)” which the international community as a whole is working on, we aim to contribute to the achievement of the two goals “eliminating poor countries” and “realizing gender equality”.