RINDA foundation JAPAN :Founder/ Representative Director
RINDA foundation INDIA :Founder/Chairman
Rin Arikawa

Born in Kyoto in 1974. Graduated from Foreign Language Department of Nanzan University.

Worked as a System Engineer for an IT company, and then as a Human Resources Development Consultant and later worked for Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd until September 2016.

After marrying in 2010, experienced childbirth and child rearing abroad for the first child, and then returning back to Japan gave birth to the second child.

Through child rearing, she realized that the most important aspect for both the mother and child is that they are mentally sound and healthy.She also believed that the successful social community is a good balance of three interconnections “child”, “adult” and “elderly”.

In February 2013, as a Working mother launched an NPO “Onwatashi Network” and involved people in the locality aiming at “creating a community where women can give birth and grow children easily”.
In November 2013, in Order to support the social activities financially and with the Objective to solve social problems and create social value, “La Chouette” was established (Incorporation was in June 2016).

From January 2014, Product planning, Production, and Sales of the sterilized Water Series “Mama Shu Shu” referring to two keywords, “health” and “sustainability (circulation)” as a policy. Received the “Kids Design Award” for the second consecutive year and gathered more attention.

In August 2015, attended the “Asia NGO Leader School”. Initiated the SMILE PROJECT focused globally on creating “Smile” and “Health” to the children of the world including Japan. The SMILE project is a mechanism that incorporates the method cultivated in business, where it is not a concentration of wealth, but a virtual circulation of wealth.

In September 2016 Retired from Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. In December 2016, took office as Representative Director, of La Chouette Corporation.

In December 2016, established “RINDA foundation” to deliver “SMILE ~ Sharing Miracle In Life Everyday ~” all over the world. In 2017, initiated Gathering GAP a concept of traveling while gathering disparities (gaps) around the world.

In August 13, 2017, established “RINDA foundation” India, in Bangalore and hold the privilege of the first Non Resident Japanese woman to have founded a NPO foundation in India.

In addition, as a part of expansion globally, collaboration with an Indian Company to Manufacture and Sell “Mama Shu Shu” aiming to improve the Indian Hygienic environment and to promote employment of the poor.

Moreover through My father who is 70 years old and has developed Leukemia, seeing him facing positively, I realized that in any harsh circumstances, regardless of age, everyone wants to create an environment to “Live” while pursuing “Life of Ease” and helping each other.

Currently I am also spreading my father’s work and planning a “100 Year Life” Exhibition.



RINDA foundation JAPAN :Founder
Mutaku Yamamoto

Born in Kyoto in 1947.
Engaged in business at the forefront for about 50 years until 69 years old, but developed acute myelogenous leukemia just in the face of the age of 70.

Faced the disease positively with bright character in any oppressive situation, and escaped death thanks to umbilical cord blood transplant. From this experience, perceived strongly the significance of the activity of Rin Arikawa, his daughter, and joined as a co-founder, sympathizing with her idea.

With the thought of expressing gratitude for having been saved his life, engaged in producing 222 character mascots of the foundation, a part of whose sales profit is to be donated to the cord
blood bank.

During recuperation, kept practicing calligraphy with a brush one by one with all his heart to convey the thought of “Once but the last in life,”
but passed away on August 17th, 2018, at the age of 71 by the recurrence of leukemia after witnessing the establishment of the foundation.

Never failing to have smile on face even at the bed with the motto of “Life with joy and happiness,” his ever challenging attitude to “life” is constantly giving courage and smile to the people around.