Come, let’s create the “Equality for Life of Ease” Together.


I am not a Person with a Special Talent or a Specialist in Something. I am a Normal Person living with my Husband and Two Sons. That’s why as an Ordinary Person I am anxious and concerned about what is happening on this planet as usual.

I realized that I have been living without overlooking the following suspicions and doubts.

“Is it Not Strange that the wealth on the earth is biased towards 1% of wealthy people?”
“Why on the same earth there are places where things are abundant and places where things are completely scarce and insufficient?”
“If thing are available in abundant is it not possible to somehow move it to the insufficient place?”
“Why is it so difficult to Live?”
“Why can’t we easily help and complement each other and make a better environment to Live, regardless of Gender, Nationality, or Differently Abled?”
“Is it not that the community works well when “children” “adults” “elderly” are linked in a balanced manner?”


Even an Ordinary Person can Change the World

I thought that the above questions can be solved to the extent that I can solve by gradually implementing it in my everyday life.

Launched an NPO “Onwatashi Network” with the objective of involving people in the locality during childcare leave, aiming at “creating a community where women can give birth and grow children well”. Furthermore in Order to support its activities financially planned and developed a sterilized Water Series “Mama Shu Shu” based on my child rearing experience.

In addition, during my visit to India, when I witnessed people living in poor villages, I felt that I wanted to create a “Mama Shu Shu” factory in a poor village in India to create employment “. With the cooperation of a Local Company, we are trying to Manufacturing and selling “Mama Shu Shu” to promote employment of the poor in India.

As a result of gradually accumulating what I was able to do, I noticed that People who had similar questions and suspicions got together naturally not only in Japan but also Abroad.

From these experiences, I realized that,
Even an average person can contribute little by little to the problem occurring on the earth by putting together the strengths.

If we put together wisdom even with small strengths, perhaps we can make “the circulation of wealth” necessary for the earth.


Aiming at Sharing Miracles

We everyone were born on this Earth like a miracle.
Even though the environment is different depending on the place of birth, the only fact that is common to the people on the earth is that we have been born on the same earth  as “people” (= Citizen of Earth).

I believe that, even the casual things that happens in our “Daily Life”, even the casual people whom we “Meet”, everything has a “Meaning” and everything is “a series of events like a miracle”

And So, I would like to suggest as follows.
In this casual daily Life, let each and every one of us have the courage to face with a “little caring” and “close feeling”.

That’s what makes each other to “smile”, and by accumulating such small things one by one respectively, will eventually become a big “confidence”.

You cannot choose the Place to be born by yourself and so the Environment cannot be Equal, never ever.

However, If we have the attitude saying, Let’s make the whole together as ” ± 0 “, we should surely be able to create “Equality” with respect to the Ease of living after being born.

I believe that, If we put together the power of each and every one, we can even make together a “Equality of Ease of Life” Miracle that we have never imagined, which will eventually change the world in front of us.

SMILE = Sharing Miracle In Life Everyday

(Share miracle in the everyday casual life)



RINDA foundation JAPAN Founder