About RINDA foundation

RINDA foundation is a non-profit organization CSO (Civil Society Organization). We aim for a Society with “Sustainable Equality for life of Ease” along with Business Partners in Japan & Abroad and Individuals who share our vision.

Our Motto “SMILE”

In order to achieve our vision, we promote “Health” and “Sustainability (virtuous circle)”as a policy to make people “SMILE”. “SMILE” does not mean just the facial expression “smile”.

SMILESharing Miracle In Life Everyday

“SMILE” meaning is to make everyone “smile”, in this casual daily Life by each and every one of us bringing “wisdom” together with a “little caring” and “close feeling”.

Official Character "RIN&DArling"

Rin, a Curious and Adventurous Girl, and the Partner Doggy with a Friendly Heart DArling.
The future envisioned by RIN, the representative of “children”, is alsothe future that RINDA foundation visualizes.
Through various activities of RIN&DArling, we will lead to the future where children around the world can live healthily with a Smile.


Our beliefs

Numerous injustices and inequities have continuously existed on this earth; nobody can choose one’s own birthplace or has the equal environment to grow and live, forever. If we try to offset the gaps as a total, however, we should be able to establish social fairness, at least since birth. By joining our forces, the world we are facing can be changed before long, and, I believe that even a miracle of "equality of comfortable life" can be realized; which we have never thought of.


Our vision

The wealth on the planet is said to be distributed to only 1% of the total population of the world, while many others suffer from poverty. Some are prejudiced or discriminated for various reasons, and cannot live in the way they prefer. Our hope is to create a world where everyone recognizes his/her values and lives true to him/herself. To that end, we will change the gaps in society to equality with new ideas by supporting happy work styles, and generating a circulation of comfortable-rich life.


Our Mission

We Focus on Three "E" to achieve our Vision.

1. EQUALITY Sustainable Equality is to Promote, Equal Employment Opportunity, Income Generation and Human Rights of the Differently Abled, Women, Children, LGBTQ and All Equally without any Discrimination against Gender, Identity, Sex, Race, Nationality, Religion, Caste, Status, Origin, Location, Language, Age, etc.,

2. ECOLOGY Improve Hygiene and Sanitation, Support during Natural Disasters, Availability of Clean and Safe Water, Invest in Regenerative Medicine and Promotion of Organic Products. ※Activities and During Natural Disasters

3.EDUCATION Improve and Provide Basic Infrastructure, Creation of Effective Education System

※Focus and Contribution to the Goals 3, 4, 5, 6 and 15 of SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goal’s). What is SDG’s)

Efforts to realize vision

①RIN&DArling Picture Book Project

The children of all over the world create the story in a relay system, using the Characters RIN&DArling in the Picture Book Making Project. These Stories created by children have Rich Ideas and hope for the future.

The stories spelled out and created by the sensitivity of each child of various countries is accomplished to a beautiful picture book carefully one by one using traditional hand printing technique in India.

We bring this valuable picture book and related goods with highly added value and commercialize it, turning where wealth of the unbalanced world is needed, and aim to create a world where everyone can live equally.

②Two certification systems

Our hope is to create a world where everyone recognizes his/her values and lives true to him/herself.
To contribute to making the above mentioned world, we have established “S = HxE (Equal SHE) certification system” and “SMILE certification system.” By issuing the certifications to companies, products, or services, we aim to eliminate gaps and make equality in society.

S = HxE (Equal SHE) Certification

This supports happy work styles with new ideas.

In working environments, there are people who are forced to work unfairly for reasons such as gender, age, nationality, religion and individual orientations including LGBTQ.
S = HxE (Equal SHE) certification is a mechanism to help create an environment that allows everyone to work happily beyond various boundaries.

SMILE Certification

A mechanism to Circulate Wealth

By purchasing goods and services with the SMILE certification, part of the purchase amount is donated through RINDA foundation to places, people and necessary activities that needs support.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017, RINDA foundation acquired [ISO/IEC 17024: 2012] to promote and Implement Sustainable Equality for the Ease of Life (Equal SHE “S = H × E”) & System to Circulate Wealth (SMILE).
This ISO is a proof that the RINDA foundation is recognized as a person certification body internationally, not only in India.


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